Thanksgiving Break!

This week is Thanksgiving Break, where I live. This means, I finally have time to get back to blogging! Although, it seems as if our teachers do not understand the meaning of the word “break.” I have a couple projects and a paper I should be working on, but hey, I have all week. I was going to make this a baking blog, but since Thanksgiving is on Thursday, I have not made any desserts yet. Well… I made a pound cake, but that’s a family recipe. 😉

I am going to admit, I am one of the people that is already ready for Christmas. But, I’m not so excited to miss out on the turkey and stuffing. Within the last time I blogged, not too much has happened. The first semester of school is rapidly coming to an end, which means 2018 will be here soon. I still have good grades, and can now speak a full sentence in spanish.

Season 2 of Stranger Things came out, which is a phenomenal show. If you have not watched it already, watch it now! Spoilers ahead! Throughout the entire plot line, the Mike and Eleven scenes had me on the edge of my seat. All I wanted was for them to see each other again, and they would get so close, but not quite. As for Lucas, Dustin, and the new character Max, they have a love triangle happening. Honestly, I didn’t have an opinion on who I wanted with who. But in the end, Max gained Lucas and Dustin gained Steve. Steve and the kids relationship is hilarious. So many memes have gone around about “mom Steve.” It’s great. And Will. We can’t forget Will. Poor Will can’t seem to catch a break.

If you could not already tell, I am a little bit obsessed. The actors, Finn, Millie, Gaten, Caleb, Sadie, Noah, and many more do a fantastic job. I would love to be able to meet them one day. In fact, I think because of this show, my dream job has changed. I used to want to be a marine veterinarian, but now, I would love to be a writer for a magazine like The Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair. As long as they are reliable, and not rude and pushy. Or, I would like to be an interviewer for a press conference. I love to write, and I think this job would be super fun.

Other than that, not too many new things have happened. For the first year, I am having to ride the bus. It really is not that bad. The only thing is, I am not very good at talking to people I don’t know well. So, I end up sitting there quietly and awkwardly. Also, I’ve hit a couple of people with my backpack. That was fun. (not really) Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. I apologize for my absence of blogging. I hope you enjoyed this one.


LibLou ❤

Back to School: The Official Post

Hola everyone and Buenos Dias/Buenas Tardes/Buenas Noches! Or in English hello everyone and Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening! I apologize for my absence of blogging however I recently started high school. And if you could not tell, one of my classes is Spanish. I will try to post as often as I can, but am now a busy gal. I know not everyone wants to read all of this, so I will try to keep it short and sweet. 🙂

So far, high school is great. Everyone is in charge of themselves and independent which is awesome. I do get my steps in throughout the day. I have biology first, then advanced choir, geometry, health, government/civics, Spanish, and lastly literature. I am happy with my schedule and look forward to learning from all of my teachers!

The worst thing is that I have a locker that hates me and so, so, so, many things to carry around. The issue with the locker is that all my friends can open it, but I still struggle. But guess what? I opened for the first time today! In my backpack are 4 binders, 3 folders, 2 notebooks, 1 heavy pencil bag, and more little things. It’s about a 35 pounder. 😉

Since I was trying to keep it short and sweet, this is all I will right… for now. You can most likely expect school related posts throughout this year. Please make sure to like this post and follow alibloulife on instagram @alibloulife to know when I post! Also check out all of the fun summer baking and crafts I did by clicking through all the categories! One last thing I need to say, Audios!