Camp Mikell

Recently, I just got back from an Episcopalian camp called Camp Mikell. To check out their website click here. This place truly makes you feel the #mikellmagic and is a place full of fun and worship of God. It is a great way to discover new friends and build relationships with the old. I would most defiantly recommend this camp!!

2016 was the first time I went to the Performing Arts (PA) session at camp Mikell. When I got in the car, on the way home, I could not stop talking about it. This year was my second year and sadly the last year I can attend PA camp. But, fear not, there are many other camps that you/I can attend. At PA camp, you are divided into 3 different main acts. With in those 3 acts are music, dance, and of course, the acting groups. For example, this year I was in music, act 1. Once all of these groups are put together, you have a show! And a star is born! πŸ˜‰

Above is a picture of the cross. I had to hike up to it for nature period. Let me give you one piece of advice: don’t hike up to it in flip-flops, like I made the mistake of doing. πŸ˜‰

When I was first told about this camp, I was a little skeptical to go. I had never been away from home, independently for an entire week. But after the first couple of hours, I made friends and could not wait to come back. My mom was a little scared to leave me alone as well but you can send mail to your daughter/son and packages! Camp Mikell is truly a great experience and I would like to share with you a day in the life.

A day at Camp Mikell:

You wake up to the beautiful birds chirping and take a shower (if you didn’t take one at night). They ring the bell at 7:30 to get dressed for the day and walk down for breakfast. Oh, and by the way, the girls cabins and boys cabins are on two different hills. After breakfast, you walk all the way back up to your cabin for CC (Cabin cleanup). This is when you make your bed, sweep, clean toilets and showers, and make everything look nice and neat. Additionally, you can make a theme and decorate the room to win banner points. For each camp session there is a group on boys hill and a group on girls hill that will win banner. Basically, whichever name they have chosen will be put on the banner. To win this, you receive points by winning activities such as CC.

Next, you go to the ODH (Old Dining Hall) and have morning singing. These songs help you wake you up and get you excited for the day. πŸ™‚ You then proceed to divide into the groups for play practice. After a good couple hours of hard work, the bell will ring telling you to come back into the ODH to share what you did during the practice session. Next, you go to get lunch! The food at Camp Mikell is very, very, very good and will not let you down. Now, the best part of the day… for some… REST PERIOD!!! You have good hour to chill or sleep. My friends and I would normally talk quietly.

Change into your bathing suits because it’s time for afternoon activities! You have 3 periods where you either have pool, nature center, WREC, or art. You pretty much have pool at least once a day. At the nature center you can see snakes, turtles, etc. or you hike up to the cross. The cross is place pretty high up in the mountains so, you get exercise. Just don’t make the mistake of wearing flip flops, like I did. WREC is basically PE and art is where you enjoy fun diy crafts. After your second period you have snack time, which is called canteen. This is also when the kids check to see if they got mail or care packages. Off to third period and then back up to the cabin to get ready for dinner. After dinner you either have four square time or the activity of the night… which will remain a surprise until you go. After the super fun activity, you have nightly singing. However, this singing is meant to calm you down and get you sleepy. During the singing, you are called by cabin to get one more snack and some water (water is given any time you get food) To end the wonderful day, you have compline and then head up to take showers and go to sleep. Zzzzzzz.

This is a day at the awesome, fantastic, camp mikell performing arts session. This year the play was about the prayers of the people. So each act had a few different prayers to share.

Even though phones are taken for the week, you make new relationships that last. You even see some of the people you saw the previous year! I 100% recommend this camp to you. You will not regret it! To check out the other camp sessions and for more details about camp mikell, click here.


LibLou ❀

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